Saturday, February 5, 2011

Massive Rally to release Binayak Sen and Ram Shakal in Sonbhadra published in Global Digest


Massive Rally to release Binayak Sen and Ram Shakal ( Activist of NFFPFW) on 1st Feb 2011, Robertsganj, Sonbhadra, UP

Special Contribution
By Roma, Human Rights Law Centre
Jan. 4, 2011

Member of Adivasi youth Binayak Sen

A massive rally is being organized in protest against illegal detention of Binayak Sen and activist of NFFPFW Ramshakal in Robertsganj, sonbhdara in UP on 1st FEb 2011, by NFFPFW, NTUI, NAPM, PUCL, Kaimur Kshetra Mazdoor Mahila Kisan Sangarsh Samiti, Human Rights Law centre.

There are numerous activists like Binayak Sen who are facing illegal detention due to false cases lodged by Police branding them as naxalites. Ramshakal is one of them. He is an educated adivasi youth from Dudhi, sonbhadra, he was booked as maoist by police in 2001 on the complaint of the local feudals who wanted to grab Ramshakal's land. Ramshakal and 20 other adivasi youths were booked under POTA in 2002, but due to public hearing organized by NFFPFW and Human Rights Law center the POTA was withdrawn by Mayawati government in 2003 feb when BSP came into power.

All cases were found false. But again some of the youths including Ramshakal was booked in arms looting case of PAC camp in 2001. His name was inserted in the FIR after two years. In 2009 in the hearing of this arms looting case he along with other 5 were convicted for 7 years. The case has no evidences against him, the local lawyer of Mirzapur who was fighting the case on behalf of Ramshakal committed fraud with Ramshakal and took bribe from the police and did not fight the case properly.

Ramshakal is in jail for more than a year now, we have are fighting the case in HC, Sh Ravi Kiran Jain is the lawyer. There is biased attitude of Court in the case of Ramshakal and the bail application has been rejected. Every time the bail application is moved some or the other incident happens at the national level that makes the Court even more biased as they feel that these people are Maoist and should remain in jail.

There are hundreds of Binayak in this country who are languishing in jails for just being innocent. We are raising our protest on such false cases and illegal detention. we request all of you to kindly participate in this protest in large numbers in Roberts ganj on 1st FEb.

Sh Chittranjan Singh, Ashok Chowdhury are joining the protest.

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